Diabetes - complicated, requiring lifelong treatment disease. It may develop in the first years of life, but is more often acquired. In the latter case, it is essential not to miss the first signs of diabetes capoten online sale, a timely appeal to the profile expert and choose the appropriate treatment.

In all circumstances there is a risk that the disease will progress and complicated, but always early diagnosis is always the trump card in the hands of the patient and his physician.

Medical statistics show that one in four experiencing diabetic disease in the dark. Open your eyes to a very alarming signals of systemic violations of human can induce deterioration in his condition to critical. But a blood test for glucose and can be much earlier. Then, the treatment will not be as time-consuming, and the consequences for the organism as irreparable. One need only be aware of the symptoms of diabetes and of who forms the risk group.

Diabetes - a systemic disorder of metabolism, which interferes with production of insulin, a hormone needed to convert glucose. As a consequence, it is not absorbed by the body, and is displayed by means of urine, and the body loses its main source of energy. In urine and blood of a patient reveals the high content of glucose. There are two types of diabetes, and gestational that develops in pregnant women. After the birth of their normal state, but Medco pay attention to that precedent indicates 20-50% chance of developing type 2 diabetes within 5-10 years.

What is the difference between type 1 diabetes from the 2nd?

Type 1 diabetes develops mainly in children or young adults. It is an autoimmune disease, ie immunity fails for the function. With such a patient's immune system attacks its own cells same, namely insulin-producing pancreatic beta cells. At first their numbers reduced, and eventually all be reduced to zero. It should be a lifelong insulin. The prevalence of diabetes type 1 is estimated at 5-10% of the total number of diabetics.

The opinions of scientists about the causes of type 1 diabetes odds and insufficiently refined. However, you can highlight the autoimmune, genetic and environmental factors. It is proved that it is not the cause but the trigger metabolic disorders could be a virus. Ill with rubella or measles, hepatitis or even the flu for obese with family history of man is the likelihood of diabetes. Usually the patient endocrinologist in this case are the children and young people, young people. This type of diabetes can be diagnosed in the adult / elderly, but less frequently. Symptoms of type 1 diabetes is always spontaneous and characterized by a certain specificity, and finally establish the diagnosis is possible after a detailed diagnosis.

Type 2 diabetes, in contrast to the above-described case in the second half of life and has a very specific reason, a general description of which is reduced to a total non-compliance with a healthy lifestyle. This acquired form of metabolic disorders, based on not only a genetic predisposition, and obesity, physical inactivity, high amount of animal fats in the diet, etc. Often, type 2 diabetes and the type of case in the young, and even in childhood. The pancreas when it produces enough insulin, but the body can not use it efficiently. Eventually all reduced insulin production and blood glucose is delayed. Symptoms develop gradually rather than suddenly as in the 1st class. Type 2 diabetes is more popular, but it is possible to prevent or control at the earliest stages. Because symptoms of type 2 diabetes do not need to be ignored.

Diabetes Type II diabetes is often neglected, not only in adolescents (from whom he is not so popular), but also in adults, elderly people. Among them, just found the vast majority of the victims of this disease. The symptoms they developed gradually, sudden anxiety do not bring. Man even inclined to think that "will pass by itself." But this is a huge mistake. With heaviness of heredity, obesity, and even pronounced tendency to excess weight, with reduced physical activity, and not very healthy diet, it is important to be extremely attentive to your well-being. Take control of diabetes of the second type in the early stages simply insignificant in comparison with him the same, but already running.