People who successfully lose weight buy orlistat online, talk about four factors that help them lose weight and keep it at an optimum level.

If you're constantly listening and reading stories in the media, you might think that to lose weight is almost impossible. The general opinion rather discouraging. Of course, you can lose weight, but what's the point, if you then still it will type sooner or later? And because the structure of your body depends on your genes, a general sense to try to change something?

Well, there were encouraging news: regardless of the constitution of an organism, or genetics, different people successfully lose weight and maintain these parameters. Although it costs a lot of effort and dedication, you can also do it.

In 1993 it was founded the National Register of weight control as a way of studying the behavior of people who successfully lose weight. We wanted to see what methods these people use most often, so they can help us to establish the best strategy to maintain optimal weight.

To become a member of the Registry, a person had to maintain a weight loss of 14 kg at least for a year. However, on average, participants in the Register dropped 30 kg of weight and kept it for 6 years. This inspirational figures.

After reading this information, we do not see evidence of the idea that genes determine our destiny when it comes to weight. If people really had a genetic "boundary point" weight, according to some people, for some reason, for example, the average weight of Americans increased every year? Although genes certainly play a role, they do not always determine your weight. Instead, they represent the possible weight limits that depend on your diet and amount of exercise. Therefore, you have more control over their weight than you might think.

After studying the action 4,200 people who entered in the Register, we identified four common characteristics of people who successfully lose weight and maintain it. These characteristics do not constitute a program for weight loss. But if you're looking for ways to maintain your weight, you can easily start with these recommendations.

Exercise - this is the key to maintaining a healthy weight, and, perhaps more important than diet. On average, members of the roster every day devoted exercise an hour and a half. Yes, it's a lot. But the pen the way you embrace despair, you know that things are not as bad as it seems.

Firstly, many people break up their exercise program at frequent intervals throughout the day instead of having to perform all the exercises at once. Secondly, one of the most common exercise - is walking, which is easy to make a part of their daily lives.

If you are just starting, the main thing - do not rush. If you start too intense, it can cause muscle strain and frustration. Instead, gradually do the exercises until you get to an hour. Or, alternatively, you can increase the number of steps. Buy a pedometer and record the number of steps that you do in an average day. Then increase this figure slowly.

An hour or half an hour each day - that's a lot of time. But look at it another way: if you can lose weight and maintain it throughout your life with one hour of exercise a day, is it worth it? Many people will say - yes.