For the most part, when it comes to keeping your cholesterol under control, there are many sacrifices that must be made.  Foods that once seemed to be a normal and mindless part of your diet are suddenly outlawed and placed on a blacklist of foods to avoid.  However, you will be pleasantly surprised to learn that you can remove a few key items from that list, and place them on your “healthy” list.

You’ve heard the hype about egg yolks and high cholesterol contents.  Well, according to an article published in Men’s Health eggs can actually improve cholesterol?  It’s true—a study revealed that the consumption of eggs is attributed to weight loss, mainly credited to increased energy levels. 

When it comes to eating pasta, there is a loophole—as long as it is whole grain, it is just fine!  Those who have a diet inclusive of daily whole grains proved to be healthier than those who do not eat whole grains, daily.  Additionally, pasta includes antioxidants that help to reduce LDL.

Stearic acid can be found in naturally-farmed pork.  This particular type of acid is the equivalent to the beneficial fat found in olive oil.  The greater portion of stearic acid consumed is changed by the body into oleic acid.  Because of this conversion, it is believed to be harmless in regards to cholesterol.

With this information in mind, you can now freely enjoy some of the foods that you may have been avoiding.  However, remember—everything in moderation. 

Men’s Health