High cholesterol is a big problem and it affects men everywhere. But what’s a guy to do if he loves eating meat? How do you go on living if you’re a typical red-blooded American who enjoys some beers and bratwurst at a tailgate party or a sunny summer afternoon cooking up some steaks on the grill? Well, as you may know, high cholesterol can lead to serious health issues like heart attack, stroke and even erectile dysfunction. The damage that cholesterol does to the arteries can have a serious impact on a man’s ability to have a satisfying sexual relationship. So how can a guy’s guy who loves a great steak or some carne asada live healthfully without giving up something near and dear to his heart?

Here’s a list of different ways you can still enjoy meat, while lowering the dangers to your health and your sexual performance.

Beef – The King of All Meats.
First of all, lean ground beef is the way to go, period. When you’re shopping at the supermarket, pick up the 93%-lean ground beef which is considered “lean” by the USDA. This can be broiled into a nice Salisbury steak, baked into a casserole, poured over whole-grain spaghetti or cooked with some fresh tomatoes to make a tasty Sloppy Joe – definitely a manly meal. Also, you can enjoy a nice cut of beef, as long as it is lean and you don’t go overboard on the size. As a rule of thumb, anything labeled loin or round is lean. The seven leanest cuts are: eye round, top round, round tip, top sirloin, bottom round, top loin and tenderloin.

Chicken – It’s All About How You Cook It.
Chicken is a high-protein food that is fairly low in fat, especially the white meat. Chicken contains on average 11% fat (5% without the skin) and if you refrain from battering it and frying it in oil, it can be pretty good for keeping your cholesterol levels down. Also, be sure to avoid internal organs such as giblets and liver as these are extremely high in cholesterol. But who likes liver anyway? The main point here: bake it and don’t eat the skin.

Fish – Swimmingly Good for High Cholesterol Sufferers
Now, nobody ever saw a fat fish, right? Fish have very little fat so it’s a great thing to eat if you have high cholesterol. Now, of course, there are rules. Make sure you don’t fry the poor fish or smother it in something really fatty, that’ll take away the positive health benefits. The best way to prepare fish is to grill or poach and you’re allowed to fry only if you use a thin spray of vegetable oil, such as canola oil. Oven baking of fish is acceptable, provided that, once again, only a thin spray of oil is used.