At a young age hardly anyone thinks about the potential threat of breast cancer buy nolvadex online. Only 5% of all breast cancers are found in women younger than 40 years. However, breast cancer can occur at any age, so women of all ages need to know about the possible risk factors. (Risk factor - a condition or circumstance in which risk increases).

To diagnose breast cancer at a young age (under 40 years) is more difficult, because breast tissue is denser at this age than in older women. By the time the seal is seen, cancer can develop.

In addition, breast cancer at a young age can develop faster and does not respond to treatment. In women with diagnosed modified gene BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene.

A delay in the diagnosis leads to problems. Many women ignore the warning signs, because they believe that they are too young to worry about this disease.

Although breast cancer can not be prevented, early detection and prompt treatment can significantly improve the situation and the consequences. Over 90% of women who have had breast cancer diagnosed at an early stage would survive.

Awareness of the risks and benefits of diagnosing the disease at an early stage will help to avoid irreparable. Also, women should be aware of their personal risk factors and be able to discuss them with your doctor.

In general, regular mammograms are not recommended for women younger than 40 years, partly because breast tissue is more dense and poorly screened. In addition, most experts believe that the low percentage of breast cancers at a young age does not justify the radiation exposure and the value of mammography. However, mammograms are recommended for women with a genetic predisposition, and other risk factors.

The American Cancer Society recommends regular monthly self-examination. The best time for this - the day before the end of the menstrual cycle. Being familiar with all of the normal breast changes, a woman will be able to notice any changes.

In addition to self-examination, regular clinical examination is recommended at least every 3 years. Annual mammograms are also recommended, since 40 years.