Chest pain - a common complaint of women doklimaktericheskogo age (ie, women with normal menstrual cycle). Older women are less likely to encounter a problem when the chest pain Pain can arise in one breast, or both, it can be either regular (appearing and disappearing every month), and constant (last for several weeks or even months).

Surely many of you know very unpleasant sensations, chest pain before menstruation. Breast swelling, sleeping on your stomach is not possible, favorite underwear seems cramped and uncomfortable ... In my head immediately begin to creep into all sorts of unpleasant thoughts: "sore breasts - and suddenly it ...?".

In fact, in most cases the cause of chest pain is a common disease like breast. But do not put a diagnosis on their own, let alone take any drugs. Only a doctor mammalogy oncologist after the survey can determine the cause of chest pain and assign sootvtetstvuyuschee treatment.

The most common cause of chest pain are commonplace hormonal changes in the body during menstruation. The monthly changes in hormonal levels of the body there is nothing wrong, but they can lead to mastitis - benign changes in the breast tissue. Today, breast became fairly common disease - according to statistics, it affects between 60% and 80% of women, most of them aged between 25 and 45 years old. The main symptoms of this disease are the seal and chest pain.

The next most popular reason for chest pains are a variety of mechanical damage to the breast. The pain may be the result of a strong blow, too strong compression or squeezing chest. This is easily avoided by wearing a supportive bra quality. Question bra should pay special attention, as the breast - this is a very delicate mechanism, and selecting convenient for her "clothes" you save yourself from many unpleasant moments.

We have already said that the cause of pain may appear (and often is) the change in hormonal levels of the body. However, hormonal changes not only in the case of menstruation, but also in case of pregnancy. Thus, another reason for the chest pain can be a pregnancy, and breastfeeding. Chest pain can also occur due to a lack of an active sex life.

Thus, summarizing the above, we can say that cause chest pain. Pain or tenderness of breast can be caused by many reasons.