Do you ask yourself one day, and does not suffer if your irritated and miserable teen depression? Naturally, if a teenager sometimes feels unhappy. Well, if you add to other changes and hormonal chaos of adolescence, it is easy to understand the frequent changes of mood. However, studies show that one in eight out of ten teenage teen suffers from depression find out more amitriptyline online. But as the depression and the problems it entails, can be cured. Therefore, if the depression does not pass the teenager for two weeks and, in addition, the other marked symptoms of depression, then it's time to seek help from professionals.

There are many reasons why a teenager feels unhappy. For example, getting a bad grade, a teenager can develop feelings of worthlessness and inferiority. School performance, social status among peers, sexual orientation, family well-being - these are the factors that have a huge impact on the mental state of a teenager. Sometimes, teen depression may result from exposure to environmental factors. But if any friends or relatives - or even hobbies - can not help a teenager get rid of feelings of depression, regardless of its causes, there is a huge possibility that he is sick of teenage depression.

Often, teenage depression symptoms manifest themselves in changes in mood and behavior. Sick children lose motivation in life and become withdrawn, coming home from school, they are closed in the room and can sit alone for hours.

Such children have seen increased drowsiness, appetite swings and even criminal behavior, such as petty theft in stores or alcohol intoxication or drug intoxication.

Dispatched if adolescent depression is inherited? Yes. If the depression begins between the ages of 15 to 30 years, in most cases it is hereditary. In addition, teenage depression is more common in those children in a family where cases of depression were recorded.

How to diagnose teen depression?There are no specific medical tests, with the help of which one could say that the child is ill with confidence.

A psychiatrist diagnoses adolescent depression, referring to the results of interviews and psychological tests with the teen, his family, teachers and friends.

The extent of the disease and the risk of suicide, determined on the basis of a detailed assessment of these interviews. According to the information obtained through interviews and psychological tests, construction design and methods of treatment.

The psychiatrist will also consider the presence of other mental disorders, such as anxiety, schizophrenia or manic behavior. It also will examine in detail, whether the child is capable of murder or suicide.

As a teenager, suicidal behavior is a serious problem. In the US, teenage suicide ranks first among the causes of death of young people and adolescents. Statistics show that every year 500,000 teens attempt suicide, and 5,000 of them brought their attempts to death. These data are reminiscent of the epidemic.

Problems in the family, loss of a loved one, failure at school, or persistent failure in personal relationships, all of which can cause negative thoughts and lead to depression. But as a teenager, these problems seem insurmountable, and the pain they cause intolerable. Suicide - an act of desperation, and the main reason for it lies in adolescent depression.