Depressive syndrome - a mental illness which manifests itself not only mental but also physical symptoms. In a life of depression called melancholy and lack of desire to be active. But this is not the same thing. Depression - is serious and requires special treatment pathology panicattacks. The consequences of it can be incorrigible.

Anxiety-depressive syndrome

As in previous cases, the characteristics of this type of depression can be understood from the title. There characterized by a combination of anxiety and panic. These manifestations are inherent mainly teenagers, it is not surprising that anxiety-depressive syndrome is most often diagnosed in people in puberty. The reasons specific to a given stage of development of the personality complex of inferiority, vulnerability and excessive emotionality.

Manifestations of this type of depression are as painful various concerns that develop phobias. Often adolescents with this syndrome is very much afraid of punishment, both for the statement and for the imperfect action. They are afraid of punishment for lack of intelligence, talent, skills and so on.

Man can no longer objectively evaluate the world, his identity with all its characteristics and roles that occur to him the situation. He sees everything in the darkest colors, he treats with a great deal of hostility. It is likely the formation of persecution mania. Patients in such cases think that someone (most of the people or all) have agreed to substitute, to cheat, to hurt, and so on. D.

When paranoid person can start to think about are the enemy agents who are watching the actions of the patient. The man becomes suspicious (even to the closest people), is characterized by excessive suspiciousness. The energy of the patient goes to the opposition to peace and those elements that he himself invented. He begins to hide and take other steps to "protect against the agents." To recover from anxiety-depressive syndrome (and delusions of persecution) should contact an experienced psychotherapist or psychiatrist. It may also assign sedatives see if the need for them for a particular patient.

Depressive personality - it's not the same thing that a patient with a depressive psychosis. Depressive reactions are also not synonymous with this concept. Equally in terms of the symptoms of disorders are depressive neurosis depressive character and personality structure. The difference between depressive neurosis is the presence of a variety of mood disorders, a clear characteristic symptoms can not describe it.

Personality becomes a depression in connection with the disposition and characteristics of the relationship between the child and parents. Mandatory persistent attachment to the mother (with ambivalence), which leads to the fact that the child can not act independently, to solve their problems. The child is afraid of losing affection. He has a problem with self-determination. The formation of the depressed person affected by the deterioration of relations with the Pope and, conflicts with other close people, terrible life situations.

When a person begins to blame himself even more, it starts the false recognition, the idea of ​​particular significance is happening. A little later, there are some catatonic symptoms, verbal hallucinations, delusional hallucination.

The man, who is in the hospital, at this stage of development of the disease begins to count in many instances that he was put in prison. Medics it takes for the guards. It seems that everything around him surreptitiously watch and whispering. What would not tell people around, he thinks that they are discussing his future punishment / revenge. He may consider his crime, even small mistakes in the past, which really is not a violation of law or any rules established in society.

Paraphrenic stage, which occurs for the above described, characterized by the prosecution of the patient himself of all sins and crimes that exist in the world. They think that very soon the world will be war, and the end of the world is near. Patients believe that their suffering will be eternal, when they were alone after the war. Perhaps the formation of mastery of delirium (a person believes that turned into a devil, symbolizing the world's evil).

In some cases at this stage of the depression formed by the so-called nihilistic delirium Kotar. Man thus seems that it stinks of rotted flesh, that everything inside of them began to disintegrate, or that their body does not exist. Probably join catatonic symptoms.

The above described depressive-paranoid syndromes (which are part of the disease of depression) are formed on a certain specified way. They differ from delusional psychosis, which may be a consequence / manifestation of depression.