How to lose weight fast? Break through the chaos to order!

Intelligent planning - the mother of success, whether it is about career aspirations, military operations or the need weight loss pills. A good start for thoughtful food - shopping list. After spending a little mental and creative work of developing a detailed menu for the week, you will not only save time, effort and money, but also save yourself from the temptation to chew bought "accidentally" a pack of crisps.

It would seem that the question "How to lose weight quickly?" The most obvious answer would be, "Stop there." However, if you successfully lose weight, you are going to live a long time, and, if possible, happily, will have to part with thoughts of starvation. There must be a man, this biological fact can not be changed neither in the interests of beauty, nor in any other. Moreover, in order to lose weight, you must eat regularly - only under this condition the body will agree to part with the accumulated reserves. With a lack of food included hormonal mechanisms, preserving body fat. But if you eat, not skipping meals and keeping approximately equal intervals between them, the weight moves forward. Of course, provided that you have made for themselves a balanced healthy menu that excludes "empty" calorie fast food, cakes and sweets, and control the amount of servings.

Automate your diet assigning meals daily at the same time and give out for lunch or dinner at least 30-40 minutes: for good saturation and digestion have required slow. How to lose weight fast? Start a food diary, movement and weight

"Dear Diary! Today I met a hamburger and ate it. Cutlets not return, but I wish that fate brought me to someone like "- of course, the form of presentation of information in the" human document ", which will log the processes of weight loss and monitor the dynamics, at the discretion of slimming. The main thing - to have your records are not devoid of artistic or, conversely, fugitive notes, give a complete picture of what you have done (or not done) per day for his figures. It is fixed, become apparent as the flaws and achievements. So do not be lazy and be honest with yourself, and do not forget your positive experience diary can help someone else to lose weight quickly. By the way, if you are not among the fans of the epistolary genre, but passionate about gadgets, there are many modern devices and applications, allowing in a controlled manner to capture the number of steps, ingested carbohydrates and dropped pounds.

How to lose weight fast? Collect "emergency kits" snacking

It is a pity that Hollywood has not yet been removed blockbuster "Tempted food": this drama would have found an echo in many hearts. Forbidden fruit is always sweet, and when hunger is on the threshold of the stomach, the idea to chew a pack of cookies, it is incredibly powerful. And an additional problem is that the harmful snacks, which would like to avoid, more than are available - they can be purchased at every step. You have to be a man with an iron will, to run around the entire area to find the carrot sticks in while waiting for a chocolate bar from a vending machine around the corner.

This problem is solved, and quite simple: if you are on the way to to lose weight quickly, not wait for the emergence of predictable problems, always carry a healthy snack. An apple, a handful of nuts without additives (cedar contain Pinolenic acid, one of the best natural means to suppress hunger), the notorious carrot sticks easily wait in the wings and in the drawer of your desktop and in your bag.

An additional difficulty is the power "output": many restaurants as a compliment for waiting order brings to the table bread or snacks, whose calorie, with small volume, often comparable to the energy content of the meal. Be alert and ask the waiter not to tempt you with fresh bread rolls. Better bring water without gas.

How to lose weight fast? Find Me company

You want to lose weight fast? Find friends with the same interests! A study conducted by a group of scientists from the University of Vermont (USA), revealed that like-minded companies, real or virtual, people lose weight faster. Science explains this effect by several factors: first, slimming react positively to the support and approval of concerned (and in pohudatelnye forums indifferent entrance ordered), and secondly, the mechanism of competition is included in the third, the presence of slimming friend makes the whole process more structured, organized and it allows you to share the experience. Of course, there is always the risk of making common mistakes, but they correct them, and the consequences will have together, and it's much more fun.

How to lose weight fast? Drink plenty of fluids and eat

Yes, a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice in very handy in the morning, and perhaps there is no need to give up on him. But the rest of the day, make it a rule to drink only plain non-carbonated water. According to some estimates, about 300 "unrecorded" kilocalories we get every day with juices, soda, flavored drinks, sweet tea and coffee. It is easy to calculate that in the year, thus, "accumulates" almost 100 thousand calories! Also, sugary drinks, especially cold, provoking strong hunger (which is why in the fast food soda is always served with lots of ice) - despite the fact that the sweetness and the ice dull the taste buds, the sugar in the beverage results in a dramatic "splash" hormone insulin that causes the body to think that it is on the verge of starvation.

But the use of plain water, not only in this: in order to lose weight quickly (or not so fast, but still lose weight), will inevitably have to rethink lifestyle and diet that entails psychological, and purely physiological changes. Clean water not only helps clean the intestines from the food processing fats and proteins, but also necessary for the creation of new healthy muscle cells. Therefore fully Board probably should be: to quickly lose weight, drink more water and less non-water.

And also do not forget about the help that is ready to provide, if necessary, to lose weight quickly rich liquid food, which include and vegetables, "bloodshot" water by themselves, and all kinds of liquid food, including soups, smoothies and purees, giving quality feeling satiety for a long time with a minimum of calories.