Gonorrhea - a disease of men and women, is transmitted primarily through sexual contact. The forms of the disease may be different. Basically symptoms erased, that is fuzzy, because the disease is not treated in time. No treatment is known to lead to complications investigate this site. In addition, while the person is sick, it infects everyone around you with whom has unprotected intercourse.

It is an infectious disease that is transmitted through unprotected intercourse. Gonorrhea is ranked as sexually transmitted diseases, and it is the causative agent of Neisseria gonorrhoeae, to put it simply - gonococcus. Every year, the World Health Organization records 62 million illness.

Through everyday objects become infected very, very difficult. This can happen if a person commits a gross violation of the rules of hygiene, for example, wiped share towels, wearing someone else's underwear and so on. D. Also relevant route of transmission from mother to child at birth when the baby passes through the birth canal.

In the external environment, the causative agent can not live long. For him, the temperature is fatal more 55˚S and ultraviolet radiation. Gonokokki contagious (in medicine it is called contagious), because during unprotected sex with a patient infected with a chance of about 70%.

From the moment of infection until the first signs of the disease extends at least 3-7 days, maximum of 2-3 weeks. On average, the first symptoms of the patient can be noted already at 5 days. The incubation period depends on the immunity of the individual. If the body is able to draw small infection, the symptoms of the early (1-2 days after infection). This happens if a woman recently underwent chemotherapy, was treated by steroid drugs or hurt anything contagious.

The incubation period is 3 weeks, if the immune system is strong, and in the case of attempts at self-medication and antibiotics to treat other STDs. These reasons may underlie the fact that people will not notice the first symptoms of gonorrhea.

Symptoms in women. Symptoms depend on the implementation of the primary site of infection in the body. If the infection occurred during sexual intercourse (which is the case most often), the causative agents of disease initially localized in the urethra, and then migrate to the genital tract, mainly pathological process affects the cervix.

When the infection rises above the inflammation affects the tubes and ovaries, then suffers the endometrium. Sometimes even the peritoneum becomes inflamed. Also affected mucosa of the gut straight women.

Gonorrhea can trigger throat during sex oral-genital character with an infected man. A typical symptom of the disease in such instances are the highlight, with an unpleasant odor, and white or yellow. Pathological allocation in medicine called "whites". The consistency of thick. Such bleach at women gonorrhea patients are often confused with nonspecific colpitis or thrush. Some have resorted to self-medication, and if the symptoms are not clear, and in the future, the doctor is more difficult to put the correct diagnosis.

It is also a manifestation of gonorrhea in women is cervicitis. In the vagina and perineum occurs tickling sensation, burning or itching. Gynecologist at survey sees that the cervix has a bright red hue, there is swelling. One can see the whites that tape stand out from the cervical canal of the patient. This feature experts say that is suspected gonorrhea. Preliminary diagnosis may be gonorrheal cervicitis.

When ascending infection occurs inflammation in the uterus and appendages. Then the abdomen appears nagging or acute pain. Secretions become purulent, they see the inclusion of the blood, because the blood of the affected mucosa of the uterus. Body temperature with 38 - 39˚S.