Oleogranulema penis - inflammatory and trophic changes in skin and fascia penis men impotency, due to local subcutaneous various oily substances capable of solidification. Oleogranulema penis manifests the formation of dense infiltrates on the body of the penis, scar deformity of the penis, lymph edema, pain during erection. Complications can be spread process on the urethra and the scrotum, paraphimosis, the formation of ulcers and fistulas. Diagnosis oleogranulemy based on anamnestic data, the results of inspection and palpation, ultrasound and Doppler ultrasound of the penis, the biopsy. Treatment oleogranulemy penile surgical (excision of the prepuce, Sapozhkova-Reich operation).

Oleogranulema penis - growth of granulation tissue in the subcutaneous layers of the penis as a result of self-injecting patients of various substances for the purpose of thickening the penis. Currently in Urology and Andrology at oleogranulemoy penis refers to a set of pathological reactions, developed in response to the presence of under the skin of the penis of any foreign object or substance (gel balls, rods, etc.), Who introduced there by the patient or other unqualified person . Usually oleogranulema penis is diagnosed in men aged 20 to 55 years, but the vast majority of them are younger patients (under 30 years). Oleogranulema penis is capable of infiltrative spread to healthy tissue of the penis, scrotum, perineum, pubic area and is extremely dangerous for its immediate and long-term complications.

Formation oleogranulemy penis is the result of subcutaneous maslyanistopodobnyh substances or solid objects. Typically, this is done for the purpose of thickening of the penis, giving it more hardness and volume. Most often used for the subcutaneous administration of petrolatum, mineral oil, paraffin wax, cream, ointment prednisolone and tetracycline. This manipulation is usually done in a closed men's groups (prisons, military units) or in the domestic environment. The immediate motivation for the procedure in most cases is the desire of men to assert themselves in the sphere of intimacy, low sexual education, exposure to another's influence, the lack of critical attitude to a negative example.

The simplicity of the technical side of procedure and lack of financial costs makes it a very common among men. Because manipulation is often carried out in unsanitary conditions, with disregard medical requirements, on their own or other unqualified "experts", it can be rightfully attributed to the category of self-mutilation.

In the pathogenesis of oleogranulemy penis are the following phases: productive (proliferation), cystic, hyalinosis, lymphatic edema and the formation of new foci of granulomatous along the periphery. The proliferative phase in response to a subcutaneous injection of foreign substances in tissue inflammation develops reactive penis expands inflammatory infiltrate around granulation tissue. The deterioration of the blood supply to the affected area is accompanied by tissue ischemia and trophic disorders, the appearance of ulcers on the skin surface. In the interior of the modified tissue cysts are formed, which, when opened festering on the skin surface to form a nonhealing fistulas. A few years later there comes a phase hyalinosis characterized by disorganization (dystrophy) of the connective tissue. Further violations of the microcirculation and lymph flow in the surrounding tissues leads to a cyclic repetition of pathological reactions, infiltrative proliferation oleogranulemy penis and progressive nature of the flow of the granulomatous process.

Availability oleogranulemy penis is characterized by the appearance at the site of tumor debris dense nodes of various sizes and shapes. The surface of the penis becomes bumpy. In the initial stages oleogranulema penis does not cause ill effects and is different in color from the surrounding skin. Later, after a period of relative well-being of developing clinical pain in tumor formation, lymphatic swelling and deformity of the penis, erectile dysfunction. The skin of the penis is soldered to surrounding tissues and fixed.

Complications oleogranulemy penis can occur after 7-10 years after the introduction of foreign substances. Among them there are paraphimosis, ulcerative defects, subcutaneous fistula, necrosis of the skin of the penis, penile gangrene. In the transition granulomatous infiltrate in the scrotum, perineum, pubic area develops oleogranulema external genitalia.

Oleogranulema penis is crippling amateur manipulation in 100% cases prejudicial to the sexual function of patients and leading to serious consequences: erectile dysfunction, psychological disorders, complications. Attempts to make increase the length and thickness of the penis using are not designed for this purpose funds are not allowed. Any kind of plastic penis should only be performed in a health institution by qualified personnel. Preventive measures should include competent sex education and education.