Nowadays the sport - is not a luxury and not an occupation for those who have a lot of time, as a way to keep your health is normal xenical pills for sale. In our body, everything is interconnected. And physical activity is needed not only for the beautiful appearance. It affects our metabolism, a condition of the heart, blood vessels, joints, ligaments, muscles and so on. D. Pilates system is tested by many years of experience and tens of thousands of people.

What is Pilates?

The exercises in this system need to perform steadily, slowly, without jerks. This approach makes a big plus: it's unlikely you injure yourself, doing all the movements without jerks. The aim of exercise is that you felt all the muscles and gained control of his body.

Most Pilates exercises focus on the development of mobility, flexibility and strengthening the abdominal muscles (transverse and direct). During each exercise you need to breathe, not holding my breath. All movements should be meaningful. By training on the Pilates system, you do not build muscle, but bring them to tone and lose weight.

Pilates - a system that allows you to "play" those muscles, which you did not know. Choose the right coach, and you will reach your goals, at the same time improve the body.

Pilates uses an integrated approach. That is, you do not train your legs apart, separate neck and hands separately. One exercise involves many muscles. Movements in Pilates compliment each other, require mental concentration. It teaches us to send thoughts in the right direction, and not be wasted, even in everyday life.

Pilates does not require great physical investments. You just need comfortable clothing and water bottles. Balls are available in the center, where you're doing. If you decide to engage in video, some equipment for Pilates will have to purchase. As for fitness, you should be comfortable clothes, nothing unique.

How to deal with Pilates?

First of all, you need to read, what is the Pilates system. It is best to go at least a couple of introductory lessons with an experienced coach. Otherwise, you can select the video from the non-professionals, and will not stick to the correct exercise techniques that affect their effect. Technique Pilates for weight loss can not be considered simple.

It is important to follow the breath every second workout. Breathing should be feeding, opening the ribs, and when you exhale you need to reduce your abdominal muscles. Each movement must be like to go on press. If you feel discomfort, clamping or muscle cramps, change posture or relax. Shoulders in most exercises do not have to be raised because it is reflected to a large extent on the breath. When shoulders lowered, the chest opens widely.

Head all the exercises do not throw back, and do not lower the chin. The head should be kept straight, but without spazmiruyutsya voltage. Make sure that the spine stretched, it affects flexibility. Other recommendations can be obtained from the coach during training. Then you can do the exercises at home under the video.