Women's vagina - is an intimate body needs special care. As in general health, we do not think about the features of its functioning, is not experiencing some discomfort, and then there is a need to take steps to normalize their status. Discomfort in the vagina premarin online sale caused by the dryness of its membranes may be out of focus, but the problem is exacerbated over time and therefore needs the earliest possible solution.

Vaginal dryness - the condition of the vaginal mucosa at which it loses its elasticity, smoothness and the ability to allocate normal natural mucus. female vaginal wall is formed by three layers, the top of which is the mucous membrane. It consists of stratified squamous epithelium, forming a large number of cross-folds are settling in the vagina, due to which it is able to change the size of, for example, when excited or childbirth. Furthermore, the vaginal wall to structurally contain glands secreting transparent or slightly lightish mucus. It is characterized by a weak non-irritating odor peculiar to slightly acidic (pH 4.0-4.5), due to the concentration of lactic acid. The vagina is peculiar and specific microflora - the content of beneficial microorganisms. The normal functioning of the body - a process determined by many factors. vaginal health and comfort of the intimate zone is determined by age and characteristics of the organism, and the state of hormonal levels, and the absence of inflammatory and infectious diseases, and regular sex life, especially personal hygiene, and even lack of bad habits.

Dryness of the vagina, as well as its approximation, is accompanied by dryness of the skin and formation of wrinkles because of the fact that the body is reduced estrogen and progesterone production, the concentration of hyaluronic acid.

Gynecologists isolated many reasons for the development of vaginal dryness and agree that such a deviation from the norm can be both a consequence and a cause of a thorough physiological disorders.

Causes of vaginal dryness

Maximum great risk of dryness in the vagina in women of mature age and menopause. Such circumstances are considered to be advantageous for the development of dry, but not exceptional.

The main risk groups are women 40-60 years old, as well as those who develop the menopause, which is the same age framework. It was during this period naturally in the female body decreases production of the female sex hormone estrogen. Its concentration in blood is sufficient, among other things, supports normal humidity and acidity in the vagina. In parallel with the decrease in estrogen production wanes natural defense mechanism, subject to change pH, increasing the alkali content in the vaginal environment. It is noteworthy that the violations are caused and a higher level of pH, vaginal tissues become receptive to the introduction of abnormal microflora, increases the risk of ulcers and cracks in the walls of the vagina. Typical of the period of menopausal vaginal atrophy becomes condition that develops against the backdrop of dryness and wrinkling of the vaginal walls, loss of elasticity and their exposure to mild trauma.

Another age-related changes that contributes to vaginal dryness, is a decrease production of hyaluronic acid. This substance is normally produced by the body to maintain for the tone, power, elasticity of tissues, a selective diffusion of dissolved nutrients. That hyaluronic acid molecule capable of reacting with water molecules, holding them in the skin and mucous membranes, which provides smoothness, softness, elasticity. With age, the production of hyaluronic acid decreases, which complements the mechanism of development of vaginal dryness.

Vaginal dryness - companion for many abnormal conditions of the body, but most acutely it is felt in the process of sexual intercourse. The peculiarity of the female body is the ability to produce increased amounts of mucus in the process of sexual arousal. The so-called grease needed for maximum comfort and easy penetration. Lack of lubrication during sexual intercourse or slow its development occurs in women of mature age, and in girls and young mothers. Part of the deviation is caused by endocrine changes, and especially sex are also important. Discomfort and pain during sex, and after the occurrence of cracks and bleeding from the vagina is often due to a lack prelude, because of what the woman is not sufficiently relaxed and excited, but sex itself does not bring pleasure, and often vice versa. Pain reflex can be fixed, and subsequent sexual acts vaginal muscles will contract involuntarily. As a consequence and a man reluctant to enter into a sexual relationship, afraid to hurt her, and that is reflected in its erection. The solution begins with the quality of foreplay. Sexologists argue that the average duration of foreplay should not be shorter than 20 minutes, but the presence of the problem causes a more thorough analysis of the quality of sexual life.