Robert Schwartz recalls often the case when he was literally pushed out of the restaurant after seeing the symptoms of psoriasis on the skin buy propecia online.

The restaurant manager came over to Robert when he had already ordered food and asked him about what he was ill. "I tried to explain to him that contagious," says Schwartz, a resident of Las Vegas, whose body is covered with psoriasis by 75%. Robert told the manager that any doctor can confirm this, but he was adamant.

Schwartz allowed to take food with them, but, in any case, did not agree to admit that he was eating with the other guests. "For a long time after that I felt overwhelmed," - says Schwartz.

With Schwartz happened and many other sad stories associated with his disease: for example, a casino worker allowed him to appear in the room only in a shirt with long sleeves, and in one of the stores he was forbidden to try on clothes before buying. Unfortunately, the tragic experience of Robert is not something unusual, as 7.5 million people in the US suffer from psoriasis. Many of them are every day faced with a similar humiliation.

"I have often heard of such situations," says Mark Lebvol, MD, head of the medical commission of the National Psoriasis Foundation. "I've heard of people with psoriasis who were driven out of the bars, swimming pools and were not allowed to donate blood to the blood bank."

The stigma of psoriasis patients can act on the person is very depressing. Are there ways to combat ignorance and prejudice?

What does it mean to live with psoriasis?

"The impact of psoriasis on a man's life is very important, - said Robert Brodell, MD, a dermatologist Medical College of Northeast Ohio State University. - Symptoms cover the outer part of your body, like clothes, and even if it is non-communicable (and such is psoriasis), people at the sight of her symptoms, to imagine the most horrible, deadly diseases, such as HIV or staph that is resistant to drugs "- continues Brodell.

The stigma of psoriasis patient contributes to the rapid decrease in self-esteem, even the most self-confident people. Family members and friends of the patient with the best intentions can advise him not to pay attention to the reaction of the people around them. Good advice, but not realistic. For example, how can one not notice the withdrawal of the human hand, which you reach out to say hello, at the sight of the symptoms of psoriasis on your skin. This experience will certainly help to radically change your opinion of yourself.

"Patients with psoriasis can really feel like lepers, so start to hide from others," - says Elen Menter, MD, president of the International Psoriasis Council.

The stigma of psoriasis can have a devastating impact on the intimate life of a person. It can appear not only on the knees and elbows, but also on the genitals, "- said Brodell. Some people are able to give up most amorous encounters, than to talk about their illness.

Afraid to see the complete aversion surrounding the eye, many people, if possible, try to hide the symptoms of psoriasis. "This is one of the most common hidden disease - says Menter. - It is amazing how often people in their lifetime have to hide the signs of their disease from relatives, family members and even children. " They just wear long-sleeved clothing and trousers, not to mention a word to anyone.

According to Menter, so far nobody has been able to persuade any famous person suffering from psoriasis, openly talk about their disease. "They fear that this news will affect their popularity, - says Menter. - That is why you never see a famous person involved in the telethon dedicated to psoriasis. "