By sexual deviancy include various deviations from the sexual preferences adopted in modern society (in libido directions and forms of its implementation). Some experts sexual deviation is defined as sexual-erotic disorders in which sexual arousal or orgasm levitra coupons is achieved by using atypical or cultural and prohibited acts. Famous Polish sexologist K. Imelinsky under sexual deviations understands violations in the sphere of sexual fantasies and behaviors in the relationship with the real or imaginary partner.

Depending on the age and prevailing in a particular ethnic culture, moral norms and regulations, the same sexual behavior could be regarded as normal or vice versa - abnormal. Therefore, the scope of sexual deviancy is expanded, then narrowed. In addition, the changed attitude of the society towards sexuality and sexual deviations from the norm. So, until the Middle Ages related to sexual deviancy it was quite tolerant, but many of them are even encouraged in the Middle Ages, all opposed to the existing extremely rigid norms of sexual behavior considered sinful and persecuted the church. In particular, as described in the XVI century French physician A. Pare different ways of sexual satisfaction of women were deemed immoral, and the author himself was miraculously saved his life. In the future, public opinion gradually softened, increased tolerance to sexual deviation, but up until now retained varying degrees of stigma and discrimination of persons with deviant behavior: from derision to criminal prosecution.

Depending on the context, the same sexual activities may be considered within normal sexual behavior or deviations from such. For example, oral-genital contact, if they fall within the range of both partners and the eligibility is one of the possible forms of sexual intimacy, regarded as a variant of the norm. In other cases, the same oral-genital contact, if they are unpleasant to one of the partners, should be regarded as a deviation, is fraught with the danger of neuroticism. Finally, if by violence, with the aim of moral and physical humiliation of partner, his urge to perform regular oral stimulation of the genitals, it is a pathological deviant behavior sadomasochistic circle.

The development of scientific ideas about abnormal sexual behavior has led to attempts to release his deviant (deviant) and perverse (pathological) forms. To date, 132 sexual deviation described in the literature. For the most part they are not painful nature. For non-pathological forms of sexual deviations include, for example, various deviant tendencies, manifested only in the dreams and fantasies of a person, but for one reason or another never implemented in real life. There are also deviant elements, which act as additional incentives that enhance an individual's sexual arousal during sexual intercourse, but are not absolutely necessary to achieve sexual pleasure for him. In some cases, individuals with deviant sexual ability with erotic love, close partnership and marriage. This is possible in the presence of abnormalities in sexual needs and ways to implement them, which may be quite acceptable for the partner (ephebophilia, Old women, fetishism, transvestism, sadomasochism elements). Unlike sexual deviancy perversion acquire the character of the disease, have a peculiar course and symptoms, significantly complicate or make impossible a normal sex life.

Subjects suffering from perversions may even marry and maintain a low level of marriage normative sexual activity, masking his abnormal sexual desire. However, they are forced to engage in casual sex or commit acts of sexual violence, from time to time implement a perverse impulses that are not amenable to voluntary control.

Sexual deviation can be classified as a deviation with respect to the object of sexual desire (replacing the normal object): pedophilia, ephebophilia, Old women, bestiality, fetishism, narcissism, etc.) and variations in the method of implementation of the attraction (sadism, masochism, exhibitionism, voyeurism, frotterizm and. et al.).

Homosexuality, in fact the rejection of sex drive object, is considered by most experts as the foreign atypical sexual behavior. It should be recognized that the classification of a deviation to the non-pathological forms or, conversely, to the disease, largely due to the criterion of probation and severity of the condition, t. E. The depth of the social and psychological maladjustment of the subject and / or socially dangerous nature of the realization of his sexual needs. Thus, the manifestation of deviant sexuality, that are fully or partially replace the normal sexual life, preventing the establishment of partnerships, depersonalizing and devaluate "partner", relegating it to the role of the tools required to obtain sexual satisfaction, causing him moral and physical suffering, offend public morals, are illegal and pose a danger to society, traditionally belong to the sexual perversions (paraphilias).

To date, it hardly makes sense to expand the scope of paraphilia, as the term "sexual deviation" is not so negative, pejorative meaning and accurately conveys the essence of deviant sexual behavior, which is a reflection of the vast range of individual differences in human sexuality manifestations.

In explaining the mechanisms of sexual deviancy, and there are many different theories, but none of them fully explains the nature of their origin. Most unsubstantiated view that sexual deviation is a psychological regression or fixation of the individual in the early stages and the stages of psychosexual development. The formation of deviant sexual behaviors and experiences can contribute conditioned reflex connections, resulting in formation of sexuality. It is not always possible to clearly define the boundaries of normal and pathological. If a stimulus (a part of the body, odor, clothing, music) is combined with a strong sexual arousal and orgasm is supported, in the future due to the formation of strong associative connections he becomes a stimulus enhancing sexual arousal during sexual intimacy. But if the same stimulus is almost a prerequisite of sexual satisfaction, then it is the deviation.